Two students wearing lab coats engaging in research

Research opportunities

Work alongside faculty

Research provides students the opportunity to work alongside faculty members on a project.

In this position, students learn and develop skills such as, but not limited to: critical thinking; data collection; and, analysis of information from different sources.

Barrett works with all ASU schools and colleges to identify and match students with research opportunities as early as their first year in multiple fields of study. Below are opportunities specific to students of Barrett, the Honors College:


In the search for research opportunities, students are encouraged to visit: 

  • Handshake, navigating to the Jobs tab and typing ‘research’ in the search box
  • Student employment job search, selecting Search On-campus Jobs and viewing positions that are labeled as, but not limited to, Research Aide, Academic Research Support, Lab Aide
  • E-newsletters, the Honors Digest and Internship + Research Roundup

Additionally, students are encouraged to connect with the following individuals to learn more about research opportunities: 

For ASU Faculty

ASU faculty can promote research opportunities to students of Barrett, the Honors College by submitting the Research Intake form

Once the opportunity is approved, it will be promoted to Barrett students through e-newsletters, the Honors Digest and Internship + Research Roundup, and direct email to students in specific majors.

Questions: Contact


Barrett, the Honors College has funds available to support research and research-related activities. Students can receive up to $1000 to support work on their honors thesis. Additionally, students can receive up to $1000 for other research or creative activities such as travel. Please see the links below to explore opportunities.