Barrett family and student next to the sign at the Polytechnic campus

Barrett Polytechnic campus

Honors in action: learn by doing

Welcome from Dean Sugar

Welcome to the Barrett Honors College at the ASU Polytechnic campus. My mission is to prepare students to become scholars in academia and leaders in industry.

The faculty, staff and I are here to educate and train you to achieve your aspirations, whether it’s finding that perfect career or pursuing advanced graduate or professional education - either here, or around the world. Barrett can help you find your place in the world and raise your sights even beyond what you think is possible.

 Here at the Polytechnic campus, our Barrett Suite in Lantana Hall features space exclusively for honors students including two classrooms, study/work spaces, a lending library, and a lounge for events and gatherings. The Barrett Suite, with all its amenities, is the perfect place for students to work between classes or to spend the day studying. In addition to these student spaces, the suite houses offices of our dedicated, full-time Barrett staff and faculty.

We look forward to supporting your success at the ASU Polytechnic campus.


Associate Dean Thomas Sugar, PhD

Barrett Poly Associate Dean Thomas Sugar

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Residential college experience

The residential community is a key component of the Barrett experience. Honors students live in the Barrett residential college for their first two years and many choose to live on campus all four years. Benefits of living with Barrett include:

  • Proximity to faculty and staff, whose offices are within the community
  • Connections with other honors students in a variety of majors and from a wide range of backgrounds
  • Easy access to programs and events that enhance your experience
  • Ability to fully immerse yourself in the Barrett community

Lantana Hall is home to the Barrett Suite, which is open to all Barrett students. The Barrett Suite includes classrooms, access to free printing of academic materials, and a lounge for socializing and studying.


Student leaders

Barrett Poly students are leaders – they mentor incoming students, help students in the Human Event with their papers, serve as officers for Barrett student organizations, work as front desk assistants in the Barrett Suite, and help plan fun and engaging events for the Barrett Poly Community.

Group of students at the Barrett Poly Retreat


Upper division students serve as mentors to new students and provide guidance, encourage involvement in Barrett and ASU activities and help ease the transition to university life.

Barrett students at the Starry Night event

Residential Student Leaders

Residential leaders called Hall Hosts offer fun and engaging events for students to connect with other honors students including paint nights, video game and board game nights, field trips to the theater, craft events and more.

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