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Thesis and project funding

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If you need financial assistance to conduct your thesis research, fund your travel to a national conference or participate in Celebrating Honors, you can apply for funds on the basis of application/merit and evidence of faculty and departmental support by completing the appropriate request form, available below. You may be asked to schedule a follow-up appointment with the Dean, if necessary. All funding requests must be pre-approved prior to making any purchases.

Thesis Funding 

While many students do not have a need for funding, some theses may be costly. Students may receive up to $1000 to complete their thesis. This funding may cover items such as travel (if requesting travel, please review ASU Travel Guidance before submitting), books, copying, equipment (max $100 reimbursement) and other materials as needed throughout the project. Please review the Thesis Reimbursement Application for more details. The application should be submitted early, prior to making any purchases.

Honors Project Fund 

Typically used for non-thesis related expenses. This funding may be used to cover expenses related to special projects (i.e. presenting a paper at a conference or attending an annual meeting related to your major). The funds may be used to cover such costs as travel, hotel, conference registration, and supplies. All purchases must be pre-approved, and travel must occur before the final receipt deadline.

External Examiner Program 

Barrett students and their thesis directors can also apply to bring in an outside examiner or expert in the discipline from another institution to serve as the third committee member. The purpose of this support is to encourage students to be more venturesome in their research projects. Students may receive up to $1500 to bring in an expert in their thesis field from outside the University.

Funding Appendix 

Definitions for funding categories and receipt documents.


Do you have questions regarding the funding opportunities above? Please contact for assistance.

Funding FAQs

All funding requires pre-approval. Plan to submit the Honors Project Fund and Thesis Fund applications early before any purchases are made. You will then need to submit final receipts for reimbursement. Check the application and your terms of agreement for semester deadlines.

Applications will not be accepted after the deadlines for your final semester at ASU. Even if you have a thesis submission extension, the Thesis Fund application is still due by these deadlines. Please see the application form for specific due dates.

You must first apply for pre-approval. Once approval is received and Terms of Agreement signed and submitted, you may then make purchases. Keep original itemized receipts to submit for reimbursement. Receipts must be submitted in accordance with the aid year calendar and by the Final Receipt Deadline. Purchases made in a specific aid year (August 1-July 31) can only be reimbursed in that same aid year. If expenses cross over an aid year, reimbursement will be done in two payments. Reimbursement cannot be processed by ASU after the Final Receipt Deadline. Please review the applications.

The funds will be deposited to your ASU student account. All receipts must be submitted by the Final Receipt Deadline to ensure that funds can be approved and deposited in your student account before graduation.

Students who receive federal financial aid, please review the question below on how your FAFSA may be impacted.

If your expenses are tied to your honors thesis, you can apply for both the Thesis Fund and the Honors Project Fund at the same time. We also encourage you to look into departmental funds that may be available through the college of your major. A list of college and departmental scholarships can be viewed at

If you have submitted a Federal Financial Aid (FASFA), you may be asked to provide additional documentation. The Barrett Business Office will contact you if necessary.

If the costs associated with your project puts you above your financial need and/or cost of attendance that is part of your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), you may be asked to submit a student budget review form. It is a federal regulation that we account for this educational resource in a student’s financial aid package. Even though Barrett has approved your application, Financial Aid has to approve the posting of the funding to your student account if a budget review is needed.

You may only apply for each fund once, regardless of the amount of money that you are requesting on the application. You may include more than one project/experience on the application, as long as you still meet the fiscal year guidelines for submission. See application for details.

No, funds cannot be used for a donation.

No, funds cannot be used for tuition or other school costs at ASU or elsewhere.

No, the External Examiner program must be a Third Committee Member and may not be an ASU employee or faculty member.