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Lower Division Curriculum

The Barrett curriculum

The Barrett curriculum is designed to develop habits of mind that enable people to be lifelong learners, creative problem solvers and participatory citizens in a democratic society. The Honors College appoints faculty members who are responsible for teaching the core honors classes – The Human Event, upper-division honors-only seminars, and Center for Professional Development courses – and collaborates with all disciplines to offer honors sections, honors enrichment contracts, research and community outreach opportunities and honors thesis pathways.

Lower Division Curriculum Requirements

Students who begin Barrett in their first year of college are required to complete The Human Event sequence, defend and submit an approved honors thesis, and earn a total of 36 honors credits (18 of which must be upper-division, 300+ level courses) including 6 credits from upper-division courses outside of the major) with a minimum 3.25 ASU cumulative GPA upon graduation.

Honors DARS

Learn how to run an Honors DARS (36) to track your honors progress and meet regularly with your Barrett Honors Advisor to discuss your honors credit plan.

Guide to running Honors DARS (36)