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Barrett College Fellows Undergraduate Research Program

Description of program

The Barrett College Fellows Program is a collaboration between The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and Barrett, The Honors College. Barrett College Fellows is an exciting opportunity for honors students to conduct scholarly work under the mentorship of ASU faculty. Barrett students who wish to engage in research or community outreach may apply for an unpaid, for credit, semester-long or year-long fellowship. Students will earn three honors credits for their participation.

For questions about Barrett College Fellows Program or specific research projects, please contact Dr. Sarah Graff at:

Barrett College Fellows student application

The application for Fall 2023 is closed.

Student eligibility

Open to all Barrett honors students in good standing from all campuses including ASU Online Barrett students. Students must devote approximately 10 hours a week to their research or community outreach project. Exact work schedules will be determined by the faculty project leads. Students will also enroll in HON 498 – Honors Research: Barrett College Fellows during the fall semester for three credits.

Selection and student matching process

All students interested joining Barrett College Fellows are required fill out the program’s student application. Please do not contact the research centers or faculty listed below directly (a formal application process is a required step to joining these research opportunities). After the application close date, applications will be vetted and matched with available opportunities. Students will then be informed of where their application is being sent along with the next steps they will need to take to join the program (for example, information on how to set up an interview with project faculty). Once students have been formally selected as a Barrett College Fellow, they will be given an override and information necessary to enroll in the required HON 498 Barrett Fellows Fall Semester course.

Learning goals

As part of the Barrett College Fellows internship program and our related course, Barrett College Fellows will:

  1. Come to understanding the key elements that make for an outstanding internship experience.
  2. Create and share a 90-second video journal (VLOG) designed to provide information about their research center, the community of scholars that they are joining, and details on the scholarly work are doing as part of their Barrett College Fellows internship program.
  3. Learn and apply rhetorical techniques to help explain the significance of their research first to someone in their field of study (that is, the disciplinary impact of their work) and second to someone outside of academia (that is, the public impact of their work).
  4. Describe to their peers how they plan to use their research opportunities to advance their work on a thesis or in preparation for a career or future study.
  5. Reflect upon their internship journey over the semester and communicate what they have learned (both in terms of the research topics explored and their own personal journeys as scholars) and where their internship experience might lead them next.


Barrett College Fellows student application

The application for Fall 2023 is closed.