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Honors enrichment contracts

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Honors Enrichment Contracts

An Honors Enrichment Contract is an arrangement you form with your instructor to complete an additional assignment or project in an ASU course to earn honors credit. The primary purpose of an Honors Enrichment Contract is to give students and instructors the opportunity to interact about challenging academic issues. Both students and instructors should be able to benefit from the contract work. Please see the FAQ below and contact Barrett Advising if you have questions.

Some examples of past contracts include:

  • Conduct an individual research project or assist with instructor research
  • Create, test, and/or evaluate a program
  • Prepare and present a class lecture
  • Complete a small group project with other honors students
  • Produce a research paper
  • Design and test a lab project


Summer 2024

Student Submission Deadlines

Session A – Thursday, May 30

Session C – Thursday, May 30

Session B – Monday, July 15


 For Students:

How to submit contracts

For Faculty:

How to approve contracts


Contract FAQ

How do I know if a contract is available for my class?
During the first few weeks of the semester, ask your instructors about Honors Enrichment Contracts. In some cases, contract opportunities may be noted in the Class Search or course syllabus. If your instructor offers or is open to offering a contract, meet with them to discuss details.

How do I let Barrett know that I’m working on a contract?
Once you have arranged contract details with your instructor, go to your MyASU > My Programs > Barrett Honors College > Honors Enrichment Contracts and submit your contract plan by the contract submission deadline.

How are contracts initially approved?
Instructors can review pending contract submissions through their Class Roster. Instructors will also receive a reminder to review and approve pending contract submissions after the contract submission deadline. If you submitted your contract after the contract submission deadline, please contact

What happens if I miss the contract submission deadline?
If you miss the deadline to submit a contract, but your instructor has agreed to work with you on a contract, you should contact to discuss your options.

What am I responsible for once I’ve entered into a contract?
Students - Connect with your instructors regularly, ask how you will be evaluated and make sure you understand what you are required to complete. Submit your work on time.

Instructors - Give clear expectations of required work, check in on the progress of the student, and use system generated links to approve or deny contract submissions in a timely manner.

What happens if I cannot fulfill the contract?
If for any reason you cannot fulfill the contract, you should speak with your instructor as soon as possible. In the contract submission form, there is a section that states what should occur in the event that the contract is unfulfilled. Do not arrange a contract if you are not sure you will complete it. Instructors invest time in designing contracts and they expect a commitment from you as well.

When are completed contracts due?
Unless otherwise specified by the instructor, the final day to complete contract assignments is the last day of classes for the term.

How are contracts finalized?
Your instructor will receive a reminder to finalize contracts the last week of the semester.

Who is eligible to oversee a contract?
Contracts are typically supported by the instructor of the class. When appropriate, students may designate another faculty member to sponsor the contract. There is a section in the contract submission form that allows the student to designate a different faculty member from the instructor of the course.

Faculty Associates may offer contracts if they wish, as long as it is not their first semester teaching the particular course. In those cases, the contract work could be sponsored by another faculty member.


How many contracts are recommended each semester?
If you are not earning honors credit through other means (HON courses, honors sections, undergraduate research, internships, etc.) you should be pursuing honors contracts to stay on track in honors each semester. Barrett Advising recommends earning 6 honors credits each semester.

How many honors credits do I earn from contracts?
Honors credits earned from an Honors Enrichment Contract is equivalent to the number of credit hours for the course, e.g. a contract successfully completed in a 3 credit course equals 3 honors credits. In addition to completing the contract, students must also earn a “C” grade or higher in a course to receive honors credit.

Can I pursue an honors contract in any ASU course?
Unless the course is already designated for automatic honors credit, you can pursue contracts in any ASU course with instructor approval.

Can I pursue honors contracts in courses outside of major?
Yes, with instructor approval, contracts can be completed in any discipline and in any course at ASU, no matter your major. However, consider the value of networking with faculty in your discipline. Oftentimes, contracts can become great starting points for your honors thesis.


Barrett, the Honors College at Arizona State University, is committed to creating a multicultural learning environment, which is broadly defined as a place where human cultural diversity is valued and respected.  Barrett courses integrate multicultural and diversity issues in ways that are designed to enhance students’ honors experience and promote learning goals. We hope that our students will contribute their unique perspectives to this effort by respecting others’ identities and personal life histories and by considering and raising issues related to multiculturalism and diversity as appropriate to individual course content.