Students walking around Taylor Place at the ASU Downtown campus

Barrett Downtown

Welcome (back) Barrett students!

We look forward to working together this year! Please view your respective video for a special message from Dean Davis.

Residential experience

We hope life in TP is always going well. However, if you need some assistance, here are some people to reach out to: 

Not sure how to use the washer/dryer? Which professor is the best for BIO 201? Ask your Peer Academic Leaders:
See contact info posted on your hall boards

Roommate support? Housing support? Ask your Community Assistant (CA):
See contact info posted on your hall boards

Off-campus experience

Off-campus Experience We know you may travel far (and park far) and have to spend the whole day on campus. Feel free to hang out in the Barrett suite to relax and study. Also, keep your eyes open for any of the off-campus student events as well. Should you need support, please contact your Peer Academic Leaders. 

See contact info posted on your hall boards.

Housing renewal

Don’t forget! Barrett students live the first two years on the campus of their major. Second year students have the option of staying in Taylor Place or moving to Fusion on First. However, space is very limited at Fusion so be sure to request a space early when housing renewal happens.

ASU Events