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Legend Scholars Program

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Mission Statement

The Legend Scholar Program is an innovative collaboration between Barrett, the Honors College at ASU, the Arizona Chapter of the NFL Alumni Association, Sport Metric, and high schools in the valley. The aim of this program is to support the valley’s underserved communities by providing mentorship to promising students from high schools that are underrepresented at the honors college. Our purpose is to help these students find a pathway to Barrett, support them throughout their college experience, and provide the tools they need to succeed in life. The ultimate goal is to encourage these young people to be leaders in the community.

The Legend Scholar Difference

Many college prep programs focus on students who are determined to succeed from an early point in their high school career. Although we are happy to include scholars like these, the Legend Scholars Program is focused on spreading a wider net. We recognize many bright students get off track at various points in their high school career, while others lack family or community support and cannot see themselves attending college. Our goal is to help these young scholars recognize they deserve to attend a 4-year college and that they have what it takes to thrive at Barrett, the Honors College. What sets the program apart is our mentors, all former NFL players, who understand how to work hard and persevere through adversity to succeed at the highest level. The Legend Scholar mentors have been coached by some of the finest leaders and motivators in the world of sports. Many of them were leaders themselves in the locker room and in life. They are experienced in helping people succeed.

The Program

The program is built around Sport Metric’s ACA model. ACA stands for Academics, Community, and Athletics.  


The Legend Scholars Program is based on the idea that what matters most is the desire to better oneself through education. Many young people have this drive, but it is not always fully nurtured. This program is structured to provide students with a mentoring network that will push them to recognize their highest potential. 


Even the smartest students might not reach their greatest potential without the support of their community. That is why community is one of the core aspects of the Legend Scholar Program. The Legend Mentors will work with the families to help them see the need for college and talk through their questions and concerns about post-secondary education. Community is also about giving back to those who have supported you. That is why the Legend Scholars will be asked to do community service, often in conjunction with students at Barrett, in order to develop a commitment to service.


This program is centered around former NFL players who want to give back to their community in a meaningful and substantive way. The program is not limited to student athletes. However, athletics and overall physical wellness are incorporated into this program. Physical and mental health are an important foundation for learning. Therefore, throughout the mentoring, students will be reminded of the important of importance of staying active, getting plenty of rest, and making healthy choices.    

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